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Managing Loss

Loss exists as a part of life and some losses we may not even acknowledge. Whether it is losing a pet, growing out of clothes, selling a car or house, losing or changing jobs, ending a relationship, or the lessening of our mobility or independence - loss occurs regularly. We may miss out on a chance to meet up with a friend, we may spill a cup of coffee we were really looking forward to, or we may be diagnosed with a challenging health issue.

We have all felt loss in some form or another. Some losses impact us more than others. At these times we may benefit from an open and independent perspective to our situation. Taking the time to acknowledge our losses and express our grief is an asset when it comes to opening up to new and potentially better opportunities. The Managing Loss workshop helps us process loss in a healthy way and enables us to:

  • acknowledge the loss
  • share with others experiencing loss
  • determine ways to honor the loss
  • begin to see past the pain of the loss
  • define a desired feeling about the loss
  • highlight potential gifts provided from the loss

See the Calendar page for information on when the next Managing Loss workshop is scheduled.

Gain complete acceptance of who you are and where your heart is guiding you to be.

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