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Good Grief sessions

There is no end date for grieving the loss of someone we love as we are continually missing the person and our interaction with them. We are adjusting to our new lives without them physically here. We never truly get over the death of someone we love, we simply learn how to live without them here.

Good Grief sessions are tailored to support individuals and groups as they explore their emotions throughout their grieving process. Whether expressing grief over the passing of a loved one, or experiencing deep, significant change, a Good Grief session encourages individuals to tell their stories, express their moments, if desired, create mini goals to be aware of and work towards. Grief is unique to everyone and it is imperative that we give ourselves the time we need to get through it.

Intuitive Good Grief sessions

Intuitive Good Grief sessions are the same as Good Grief sessions with the addition of messages from passed loved ones, angels, and guides with regard to the individual and the situation being focused on in their lives.

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