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About OctAmore

Each of us carries within ourselves a unique blueprint that is linked with our souls. We are familiar with this blueprint when we are born and as we spend years here, we learn Earth’s rules of engagement. These rules include appropriate and expectant behaviors, life paths, potential interests, knowledge, and work ethic. Some of these rules of engagement cause us to turn a blind eye to that incredible link to our souls - the blueprint of our true essence. Sometimes we take hold of these rules and make them our main focus.

Through discovering our own infinite love we begin to uncover that true blueprint. We learn how to merge our soul essence with earth’s rules of engagement. At first these moments come and go frequently. Then we adjust to feeling infinite love more regularly and our lives being to flow more easily and have more fulfillment and joy. We start meeting interesting, fabulous, and challenging people and expand ourselves to be infinite love in all situations.

OctAmore is infinite love. The symbol of the octagon is often associated with the meaning of eternal life, regeneration, transition, and infinity. The number eight (eight sides of an octagon) is associated with renewal. The Italian word “amore” translates to love.

The opportunities at OctAmore give ways to find that inner blueprint, that core essence unique to you. Often it is through loss or great challenge that leads us back to uncovering our true selves. Being able to access this aspect of ourselves enables us to gradually transform our lives into using the tapestry of our own creation, through our thoughts and emotions.

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