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Welcome to the OctAmore Web site. Thank you for visiting!

OctAmore has been created as a beacon for those seeking guidance or awareness on how infinite love is at work in our lives, especially during times of loss. When we grieve a loss, we may experience a range of very deep emotions. OctAmore provides a safe place for people to explore their grief in the moment - allowing the opportunity to express grief and better understand the expression as well.

Find out what our Good Grief sessions are all about.

OctAmore means infinite love. It is through infinite love that our true hearts’ desires come about. With infinite love we are able to overcome any obstacles that come our way. By finding that infinite love inside of and around us, we are able to take steps forward, even when it seems impossible to do so.

Find the infinite love inside of you to carry out your dreams, face life’s challenges, and be a supportive inspiration to others.

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